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Marion Fire Department History

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The Marion Fire Department - Established 1876

Our History:

The Marion Fire Department was established at the date of completion of the water works in 1876. It consisted of a Chief and eighty volunteer members, with four reel companies and one hook and ladder company.

The water distributed throughout the city by the well known Holly system, rendered fire engines unnecessary as the force of the works was sufficient.

For the purpose of alarms, the city was divided into four divisions and the alarms were given by the whistle at the works. Each division had a designated number. Any alarms called out the hook and ladder company and two reel companies. In case of a general alarm, all companies were called out. The work of the department was very effective under the management of the first Fire Chief, D. F. Davis.

MFD Today:

The Marion Fire Department currently consists of four stations and a personnel of 58 paid men. The equipment includes six active pumps and one reserve, two ladder trucks, one 85 foot aerial, and one 100 foot aerial with 208 feet of ground ladders. In 1973 a rescue unit was added, and in 1975 an 85 foot snorkel truck was put in service. The department also has two rescue boats.

The fire department is made up of 1 Chief, 1 Deputy Chief, 3 Assistant Chiefs, 15 Captains, 24 Chauffers, and 31 Privates. Marion has a fifth class fire department rating which compares favorably with other cities of comparable size.

Marion Fire Department
Marion, Indiana

140 Years

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